Baby Beach Maui, Hawaii

Intermediate+. Parking is west of Baby Beach while the launch is actually around a sandy
point east of Baby Beach. Baby Beach itself is technically an ocean pool formed by a rock wall near the
shore that create a nice flat water spot in front of the beach. Prevailing winds can push you into the
rocks very easily. Local rules include the 11am rule (no kiting before 11am) and an Egress Out / Ingress
In rule that means you are allowed to launch and land on the beach, but you must do your riding at least
500 yards out to sea. Enforcement is done by lifeguards at nearby Baldwin Beach who will come on
Jetskis/Dune Buggies – several are kiters themselves and know exactly how to get you. The near shore
environment has a lot of break waves and has a lot of messy conditions. At roughly the 500 yard mark
there is a reef break with large waves and cross currents; it’s a wild ocean environment. This spot works
great on E winds as the wind likes to pile up here on Easterlies, bouncing off land and creating a mini
bubble of extra strength winds. The major wave break out to sea can get HUGE and the cross currents
can create mini waves going in cross directions forming in the middle of a larger wave. The water
conditions here can be complex and high energy. Great for wave riding and some Big Air.

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