One of the Worlds Most Epic Kiteboarding/Kitesurfing Spots

Lanes Beach Maui, Hawaii

Advanced+ Only. One of the most famous spots in the kitesurf universe, Lanes is located a short drive/walk west of Ho’okipa. There is no parking, leading kiters to park alongside the main highway. Setup is on a narrow sandy beach with the launch going over a bunch of rocks. Waves generally break right at the rocks where you walk into the water, creating difficult launch conditions. Wearing booties on your feet, walking gently across one of the “keyholes” that have smooth rock, or doing an aerial start (in lieu of a water start) are the main ways to get out into the water. This spot is great when the swells roll in and generate waves but the launch is extremely sketchy and dangerous. Easterly winds allow for amazing waves, especially when combined with NNW,N,NNE,NE swells in the winter; getting off the beach is tricky.
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