Beginner Kitesurf Lessons Maui

Learn to kite on Maui

Beginner Kitesurf Lessons Maui, Hawaii

Day 1: First Flight


Basics of Kite Control

How to control the kite

Emergency Systems

Learn about the three emergency safety systems

Kite Setup

How to properly set up the bar and kite, including site selection.

Body Dragging Downwind

How to harness the power of the kite to move in different downwind directions

Assisted Launch and Landings

How to launch and land a kite with someone assisting you

Self Rescue

How to use the kite to sail home in an emergency while out on the water

Independent Water Entry/Exit

How to independently launch the kite, enter the water, body drag solo, exit the water and land the kite.​

Day 2 Body Dragging


Body Dragging Upwind

Learn the techniques to effectively body drag upwind in order to recover the board and navigate the marine environment

Body Dragging with the Board

How to maintain control of the board while body dragging

Water Start Step 1 of 4
The Water Start Position

Setting up the kite and board so as to create a stable position from which to waterstart (stand up) and begin riding

Day 3 Water Start


Water Start Step 2 and 4: The Power Stroke

How to utilize the kite to generate the power to stand up and ride the first ten feet

Water Start Step 3: Body Postioning

How to position the rider's body to remain balanced while standing up and riding

Water Start: Complete Integration

How to integrate the different steps of the Water Start process to achieve a smooth experience standing up from the waterstart position to riding

Continuous Riding- Downwind

How to continue to ride once the rider has successfully stood up on the board

Day 4 Upwind Riding


Riding Upwind

How to ride upwind and return to your starting location (avoiding the walk of shame)

Changing Direction: Sliding Transition

How to change directions while riding using a sliding transition

Day 5+ Progression toward intermediate


Self Launching and Landing

How to correctly launch and land a kite independently

Dealing with waves

How to mange the effects of waves and currents

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