Shipwreck Beach Maui-Lanai, Hawaii

Beach: Pro+. Legendary spot with incredibly strong wind and waves amidst the backdrop of
an insane shipwreck. The final 500 yards near the shoreline are extremely shallow reef and can be above
the water line during low tide. The waves are constantly pushing and crashing against the ship so stay a
decent distance from it. The beach is very narrow and littered with debris as the wind/waves push a lot
of flotsam and trash here. This spot is the locus point for many of Maui’s weather subsystems as wind
and waves from all over Maui push to this point. If you lose your board at Kanaha, it will usually end up
here. Likewise if you lose your board in Kihei, it will end up here. Access is via sea (kitesurf from Molokai
or come by boat) or driving overland on the island of Lanai. Kiting straight across from Lahaina to
Shipwrecks is sketchy as one minor shift in the wind and you are stuck in the channel with strong
currents. The wind between Maui/Molokai and Molokai/Lanai are generally stronger and more

consistent, making a two part trip the preferred approach for kiting from Maui to Shipwrecks. A boat
ride back or a pickup at the beach are strongly recommended (landing on the beach requires landing
farther east and walking over). There are generally no people here and no real safety systems out here.
Surprisingly, you can get decent cell signal (at least on AT&T wireless as of 9/2018) so make sure to bring
a cell phone if go out here. If on other carriers with no service, try enabling roaming. Extremely
dangerous and epic conditions. Professionals only. Intermediates/Advanced should stay out on the
water and have a boat pick them up. Great for waves and Big Air.

Shipwreck Beach Maui-Lanai, Hawaii

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